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Skin Lesions

Most skin lesions on the face are harmless but they may require surgical removal for reassurance or for cosmetic reasons.  However, skin cancers are increasingly common in the UK and are usually related to sun exposure.  


If you have a skin lesion which does not heal or a mole which has changed it is important to seek medical advice.

Non Melanoma Skin Cancer:


Basal Cell Carcinoma


This is the most common type of skin cancer and is relatively harmless.  It is also known as a rodent ulcer.  It does not spread to other areas of the body but will not go away on its own and if left for many years will grow and destroy tissue close to it.  They may be noticed as a small ulcer on the skin which will not heal.  There are several ways to treat these but the best is usually to remove them by surgery.  


Squamous Cell Carcinoma


This is a different type of skin cancer that usually presents as an ulcer or a lump and again, treatment is usually by surgical removal.  It can spread to other parts of the body and so follow up after surgical removal is advised.




These can arise from abnormal moles.  If you notice that you have a new mole or an existing mole has changed then it is important to seek medical advice.  They need to be treated early as they can spread and if left become more difficult to treat.    





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